Our Story

In 2021 during the pandemic our son Daniel, was looking for work. Being 14, job searching was challenging as most employers start hiring at 15. Daniel, in his frustration, came to us for a solution and not long after it was decided to start a mobile food business for a few reasons, both his mother and father had worked in the hospitality/food industry, and this would be a learning opportunity and a source of income for Daniel.

We operated for a few weeks in 2021 and with the support of our local community we were looking at a successful side business and an entity Daniel could officially take over when he is of legal age.

Who We Are

We are a  family-owned business, looking forward to serving the Mapleton/Center Wellington area. We’re not your everyday hot dog! We serve excellent quality dogs & sausages at comfortable prices.

Our Mission

We strive to provide a quality product, better tasting, and better quality than you can find elsewhere.

We do hot dogs and sausages better…..it’s that simple.  

Delicious buns baked locally.

Exceptional locally sourced award-winning artisanal meat products.

Signature-style hot dogs and sausages, craft mustards, ketchup, mayos, and more.